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Arm Injury Compensation

There are many types of arm injuries that you can claim compensation for. Your arm is made up of two parts; the upper arm and your forearm.

The upper arm is where you will find one major bone known as the humerus which is surrounded by various muscles, tendons and ligaments. The two major muscles in your upper arm are the biceps and triceps.

The two major bones in the forearm are know as the ulna and the radius which also is surrounded by muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Injuries can also happen to your elbow and wrist which are vital joints within your arm. If you have suffered an injury to any part of your arm as a result of someone else's negligence and the someone else (be it a company or person) is insured you may well be able to make an Arm Injury Compensation Claim.

You could potentially be awarded the following amounts of compensation for your arm injury claim:

Amputation of Arms

  • Loss of both arms £183,000 to £228,000
  • Loss of one arm (arm amputated at the shoulder) no less than £104,250
  • Above elbow amputation £83,325 to £99,500
  • Below elbow amputation £73,100 to £83,325

Other Arm Injuries

  • Severe injuries- injuries which fall short of amputation but which are extremely serious and leave the injured person little better off than if the arm had been lost £73,100 to £99,500.
  • Injuries resulting in permanent and substantial disablement- this could be serious fractures of one of both forearms where there is significant permanent residual disabiity £29,800 to £45,500.
  • Less severe injury- whilst there will have been significant disabilities; a substantial degree of recovery will have taken place or will be expected £14,600 to £29,800.
  • Simple fractures of the forearm £5000 to £14,600.

Injuries to the Elbow

  • A severely disabling injury £29,800 to £41,670.
  • Less severe injuries - injuries causing impairement of function but not involving major surgery or significant disability £11,900 to £24,350.
  • Moderate or minor injuries- most elbow injuries fall into this category. This includes simple fractures, tennis elbow syndrome and lacerations. Upto £9,570.
  • Injuries fully resolving after about one year will usually attract an award in the region of £2,675.
  • Injuries with the majority of the symptoms resolving within 18 to 24 months but with the nuisance level symptoms persisting after that would attract an award of around £4,775.

Wrist Injuries

  • Injuries resulting in complete loss of function in the wrist £36,200 to £45,500.
  • Injuries resulting in significant permanent disability, but where some useful movement remains £18,625 to £29,800.
  • Less severe injuries where these still result in some permanent disability £9,575 to £18,625.
  • Where recovery from fracture of soft tissue injury takes longer but is complete up to £7,800.
  • An uncomplicated Colles (very common type of fracture) around £5,650.
  • Very minor undisplaced or minimally displaced fracture and soft tissue injuries needing plaster/bandage for a matter of weeks and a full or virtual recovery within 12 months or so £2,675 to £3,600.

Severe Hand Injuries

  • Total or effective loss of both hands £107,000 to £153,200.
  • Serious damage to both hands £42,250 to £64,275.
  • Total or effective loss of one hand £73,100 to £83,325.
  • Amputation of index and middle/ring fingers £47,050 to £69,000.
  • Serious hand injuries such as injuries that will have reduced the hand to about 50% capacity £22,050 to £47,050.
  • Less serious hand injuries such as a severe crush injury resulting in significantly impaired function without future surgery or despite operative treatment undergone. £11,000 to £22,050.

Moderately Severe Hand Injuries

Moderate hand injuries could be for example crush injuries, penetrating wounds, soft tissue and deep lacerations £4,100 to £10,100.

Minor Hand Injuries

Minor hand injuries can be compensation in the region of £700 to £3,300.

Finger Injuries

  • Severe fractures to fingers up to £27,925.
  • Total loss of index finger up to £14,250.
  • Partial loss of index finger £9,250 to £14,250.
  • Fracture of index finger £6,925 to £9,300.
  • Total loss of middle finger up to £11,875.
  • Serious injury to ring or middle fingers £11,300 to £12,425.
  • Loss of the terminal phalanx of the ring or middle fingers £3000 to £6000.
  • Amputation of the little finger £6,575 to £9,300.
  • Loss of part of the little finger £3,000 to £4,450.
  • Amputation of the ring and little fingers. In the region of £19,000.
  • Fracture of one finger up to £3,600.

Thumb Injuries

  • Loss of thumb £27,000 to £41,675.
  • Very serious injury to thumb £14,900 to £26,600.
  • Serious injury to thumb £9,575 to £12,750.
  • Moderate injuries to thumb £7,350 to £9,575.
  • Severe dislocation of thumb £300 to £5,150.
  • Minor injuries to the thumb up to £3,000.
  • Trivial thumb injuries up to £1,675.

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